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Massachusetts laws. MGL c. 119A § 1A Child Support Enforcement. Defines [child support] obligor as: an individual, or the estate of a decedent, who owes or may owe a duty of support, or who is liable under a child support obligation, or who is alleged, by sworn statement, to be the parent of a child to whom a duty of support is owed. UIFSA has rules for each step of the process of getting child support. Step One: Getting a court to issue the first child support order ( establishment ); Step Two: Changing the amount of a child support order when the income of either parent has changed ( modification ); and. Step Three: Pursuing collection of the order ( enforcement ). However, generally, here are 13 things your boss can't legally do: Ask prohibited questions on job applications. Require employees to sign broad non-compete agreements. Forbid you from discussing.

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